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The Ages of Whitehawk are reckoned as follows:


The First Age: GOLD  Hegemony: Ashkehon and Argunizial

Before the Great Deluge, Time of Atlantis, The Divine Majesty sits on the Sapphire Throne on Mt Argunizial. Golden Age ends with Battle of Giants, (Gigantomachy) and the Dawn War Rebellions and The Great Deluge.

     intermediate SILVER ELAPSE: Post-diluvium Maceon and Five Sons, Axe cut trail, Continent "Illystra" founded, dispersion of Sons of Maceon. Dragons tyrannize the continent resulting in underground cities and dome cities. Foundation of holy city Vesulum by the Eldark.

Second Age:  BRONZE Hegemony: Azerdon and Atalur

3000 BC-500 BC Atlantean survivors establish colony of Atalur. They invite Egyptians to settle Gohha. Their Empire Allapis stretches all the way to the Vastess Sea. The Elven kingdoms and other cities led by the Greek city Gandolon resist. Bronze Age. Elkomenon begins schools of magic on Nystol, wizardic palace Azerdon is abandoned. Early Illystran cities of Urguard and Authapis flourish. Explorations of Aetholus. Five Maceonid Kings exile all wizards to Nystol. Authapis buried under volcanic ash.

      intermediate AGE OF HEROES: Duke Ikonn campaigns with heroes of the Xilmurian Epic Petrozean, Godiun Fout, Elkomenon

Third Age: IRON Hegemony: Hermopolis and Regulum

From 500 BC to 500 AD, Greek and Roman colonization; Hermius the Conqueror founds Hermopolis. Roman foundation of the city Regulum that wins its freedom by military victory over Atalur. Vesulum recognized as Holy City of Patriarchs. Sometime in the latter decades wizard city Nystol falls to the Barbarians and her libraries are burned. Decline of Hermopolis and Authapis. Departure of High Elves

Fourth Age: PLATINUM: Hegemony: Whitehawk Confederacy

500AD -1500AD Decline of Regulum. Hegemony of Whitehawk Confederation. Tyrnopolis becomes seat of Regulian Empire. Medieval Era of Crusade commences. Azerdon restored by Nystol refugees. Fall of Ael Lot.

Fifth Age: LEAD Hegemony: Nystol Time of Universal disintegration. Fallen Magic and  "Sorcerel" hegemony. Reign of the Inversus.

Sixth Age TRANSMUTATION Time of the Harvester




Vortahog the dragon


Auroran Wars. Battle of Elves and Nephilids on Mt Argunizial. Thendel the Archdeciever and his rebel elves are exiled to the extreme north of Bardelith. He builds Zabol the super fortress (the Arc du Baffay) in the Crach Mountains and declares himself Kryptarch. Ambrosius consigns him to the Voraganth-pit. Elves drive dragons into the deepearth.


Thannato's Map of the Mystic Elapse

Kruth's Handy World Map

Map of the Third Age


Map of the Scourge of God

Sage of the Eldark


Grand Chart of Bamusk II

The Bladetongue 

King Argoth the Good imprisons the Nolghost in the Voraganth


Never Leave Your Monastery


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