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"this read is so enjoyable and a release from the modern age and loss of faith... If you like Tolkien then you will rejoice in this book."

Todd M.

Grand Rapids Michigan

Join the ex-slave Hepthe as he travels across Whitehawk in Roman times in search of the mystery of the Fall of Nystol. His classic accounts were collected by Abbot Cromna centuries ago and are filled with mystery and wonder.

THE NOMADS OF SARDU: Abbot Cromna dares travel across forbidden lands to obtain a forbidden book...but will he dare to read it?
2) SAGE OF THE ELDARK: The historian-philosopher Epinanaus receives an unexpected guest into the hermitage, one who is being hunted by the mind of darkness.., but who also turns out to be Hepthe his ex-slave!
3) DIALOGUE WITH A STRANGER: Hepthe attempts to recruit two would-be-hell-raiders and gets them involved in a secret society that is more than they can fathom...
4) THE TOWER WYRDD: a company of soldiers is led by a mad dwarf into the underworld with the promise of sacking Nystol, the wizardic academy of many towers...
5) THE LAST DAYS OF THE MAGI: Hepthe, a condemned prisoner, recounts how the most powerful academy of magic was compromised and finally betrayed by insane ideologies.
6) THE FALL OF NYSTOL: Hepthe's eyewitness account of the barbarian sack of Nystol...


The Wizard who could not die




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