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This artful chart was drawn by the mythographer and antiquarian Thannato Excorpus in the 17th century. Not derived from any actual first hand measurements or geographical data, it is instead based on years of research and compilations of the history and mythology of the lost continent, a continent which the scholar discovered in the archives of a sand-buried city


Not meant to be an exact work, the principle mythographic excavations were drawn from Thannato's reading of the "Basement Texts" the remnant documents of the lost library


forgotten beneath the ruins of Nystol, and which included the Lays of Illystra, the Xilmurian Epic, the mythical journeys of Godiun Fout and Duke Ikonn, and the Codices of Mercurius Yod


The first three Ages of Whitehawk were called "The Mythic Elapse" Interestingly, it includes Thannato's proposed extent of the vanished Aideen Empire, roughly contemporaneous with Atlantis. The map is a mysterious work and contains many obscure and forgotten names, many allusions to the Xilmurian Epic and other events from remote antiquity which cannot be placed by the casual reader

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