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The Bladetongue: Saga of the Fourth Age


In the first chapter, the heroes meet at the tavern in Yrbath, The Golden Mermaid, where they swear stern oaths of brotherhood and quest, and also hear lore concerning the colossal and abandoned tower of Zenops the wizard.


In the second, the heroes search through the colossal tower of Zenops and encounter various trials. They find the old chamberlain of Zenops and hear lore concerning the rebel and Wyrmlord Sinistochs and his designs to seize power in Yrbath. They take possession of the tome proving the conspiracy and return to Yrbath.


In the third chapter, The Bladetongue are arrested and exiled to Ardeheim the wasteland. They meet the Prince of Yrbath who has been driven from his governing seat by Sinistochs. Norgonce the priest guides the heroes through a volcanic lair of Vorthragna the hydra of Sin, who has brought many souls to perdition with the power of illusion. They capture the demonic thing and determine its confinement.


In the fourth chapter, the heroes helped by Christian monks transport the Hydra Vorthragna bound by sacred chains across the wasteland Ardeheim in a huge wagon. The heroes learn compassion in their journey.  They go to take ship to Mt. Abaddon where beast must be locked in the abyss.


In the fifth chapter, the heroes transport Vorthragna in the ship Leviathan to her place of confinement. On the way they are betrayed and attacked by Sinistochs and his allies. The hydra escapes. After the naval battle the barbarian Urius, member of the Bladetongue, defeats Vorthragna.


In the sixth chapter, Urius, Norgonce, and the remaining Bladetongue fight upon the plain of Gederon alongside the King of Ulthor against Sinistochs and the armies of the undead. There they fall in battle glorifying God.

Phaethar patron of the order


Gulthar the Trollwise Valraph


Soren "Kajet" Rulkson of Niruz, warrior


Pary Lothren, scout and bard


Norgonce, Chaplain Ulthoran Knights and Priest of Ammouri


Rohorst of Mahanaxar, pathfinder


Thalfin the Star-Robe


Urius of Vath, barbarian and Champion of the Order


Damis of Yrbath, Bowman for hire


Belderoch the half-breed, convicted thief and alchemist

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