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Brother Orbian was a monk of the Monastery of the Weeping Brotherhood in the Dry Blood Sea. After he was exiled from the monastery by the heretics of the Red Ascetic, he traveled the continent with the faithful but stubborn donkey Atlas. The beast carried the remnant of worldly learning, a small library of tomes, on his back, in hopes to save civilization. Orbian's salvage was nearly lost however, when a number of precious works, including several volumes of the Black Books, were lost in a torrential downpour, slipping off the donkey's back while crossing a mountain fyord. As a penance for this careless mishap, Brother Orbian traveled the Whitehawk Continent for years, drawing this map and researching the events of The destruction of Nystol...


He ultimately attributed the Fall of Nystol to the Wrath of God. He asserted that Heaven could no longer tolerate "the Mystery of Iniquity" which had been brewing there from ancient times, and which had disguised wizardry and sorcery as intellectual endeavors or curious pastimes. His interviews and collected accounts were assembled by Abbot Cromna shortly after the monk's death not far from Nystol. They may be perused in the Tome available here entitled "The Fall of Nystol and Other Tales."

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