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Flaming Sword





                               H. G. POTTER

ABOUT AUTHOR: since his first manuscript from 1988, Harry G. Potter was a student of Homeric Epic and Greek drama and was awarded the MA in Classics at WSU in 1992. He worked as a teacher and writer in local colleges and universities. He went to seminary in 2000, and was ordained PRIEST in 2009. He serves the Catholic people by caring for their elderly and does Sunday preaching in a traditional parish in the midwestern United States. The priest-scholar draws from the ancient mythos-traditions of Western Civilization and rich history of the Christianity in medieval times.

H.G. Potter

Masters Greek & Latin WSU,

Masters of Divinity

Ordained 2009

Golden Marble
Golden Marble
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Book_IMG_1754-1-e1481 (2c)xd.webp
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