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New Audiobook fully dramatized: a cerebral horror-mystery that will keep you guessing. In this Roman-Era Fantasy setting an unexpected wanderer seeks shelter in the desert hermitage. Against better judgment  he gains entry. He has traveled the worlds and speaks of many mysteries, of great deeds, bizarre cults, terrifying  creatures, and political conspiracies. The desert night is so dangerous, how could he have survived it? Will the traveler convince us, prove the existence of a wicked plan, and save the Republic? Or, as it seems, will demons prevail?


Hunted by an entity of darkness for his sins, Hepthe the insurrectionist takes refuge in the hermitage of a retired historian, with a plan to convert him to faith, and to the rebellion, to overthrow the wicked emperor Bolgud. His efforts backfire however when he is unable to convince. Therefore he prays for prophecy and communication with the angels...and he foresees a the sinister plans of Bolgud and Zuphagen the wizard...but everything changes when Bolgud meets the love of his life...

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The Fall of Nystol
     and Other Tales    

H.G. Potter

Masters Greek & Latin WSU,

Masters of Divinity

Ordained 2009

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H.G. Potter was a classics teacher and is now a traditional Latin-mass priest in good standing in the U.S. His writings draw from the rich history of the Church from ancient and medieval times

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