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Flaming Sword




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                               H. G. POTTER

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: authoring the first Whitehawk manuscript in 1988, for H. G. Potter Homeric Epic and Greek drama was also a great interest for him. He finished the MA in Classics at WSU in 1992 and worked as professor in local colleges and universities and as a private school instructor. With a call to discern priesthood he went to seminary and was ordained in 2009. He serves the faithful by hospital work and caring for the elderly,  with confessions+mass and Sunday preaching in a TLM parish in the midwestern United States. The priest-scholar draws from the ancient mythos-traditions of Western Civilization and rich history of the Christianity in medieval times.

H.G. Potter

Masters Greek & Latin WSU,

Masters of Divinity

Ordained 2009

Book_IMG_1754-1-e1481 (2c)xd.webp
Book_IMG_1754-1-e1481 (2c)xd.webp
Samples from The Fall of Nystol
Golden Marble
Golden Marble
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