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"This book is amazing! It’s a very interesting blend between Christianity and epic fantasy. There are a lot of spiritual and philosophical discussions that brought me to reconsider values and thoughts taken for granted. It features a VERY good language. It is, in my opinion, the fantasy book with THE best language.”

J. Lennquist,   Goodreads


“I enjoyed this book so much. The setting is detailed and lived in, pulls you into the story. You truly worry and feel for the characters and their mission, and at the same time you think you're reading a lost and forgotten tome of Christian history... I would recommend this not only to any fantasy fan that's been burned out on the genre to get a new perspective on it, but anyone looking for a great book."

Cory P, Oil City PA



"...after a number of such miseries we finally made it into high Nzul, realm beset by mist and grey-dark clouds, yet of atmosphere not entirely devoid of natural beauty. The thick vapours briefly part and admit narrow shafts of sunlight upon the otherwise drear precipices. We took the rugged mountain passes and traversed desolate landscapes at last nearing the super-fortress, the Arc du Baffay.

      We were greeted silently by the colossal effigy of The Dire, demigod from centuries forgotten. Chiseled out of the surrounding mountains and itself like a mountain in stature, it towers beside the crumbling bridge that spans the gorge of Kanth. It is the hooded image of Thendel the Apostate, founder of the Nzul princedom. He stands as a sentinel, his mailed fist clenched upon the enchanted claymore Elmethodon. According to legend the rebel elf wielded the dark blade in combat during the Auroran wars. At the dawn of the world he strove against the very power of the sapphire throne on Mt. Argunizial. Banished to this outland, he nevertheless claimed the title liberator.

       His visage veiled, the stone titan seemed somehow to stare down with both a vague pity and tacit disdain."   (chapter 30)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: the first Whitehawk manuscript was drafted in 1988. Heavily influenced by Tolkien, Shakespeare, Homer, Greek drama and other classics the young creative kept to illustration, poetry, and imaginary world-building. He finished a four year MA in Classics at WSU in 1992 and worked as lecturer in local colleges and universities and later as a private school instructor. Discerning a call to priesthood he was accepted to Saint Pope John XXIII National Seminary and was ordained in 2009. Soon he took up writing again, revamping the old stories and making these books for his parishioners. Today he serves the faithful by hospital work and caring for the elderly,  with confessions&mass and Sunday preaching in a TLM parish in the midwestern United States. The priest-scholar studies Biblical Hebrew and draws from Scripture as well as the ancient mythos-traditions of Western Civilization and rich history of the Christianity in medieval times.

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H.G. Potter

Masters Greek & Latin WSU,

Masters of Divinity

Ordained 2009

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Golden Marble
Golden Marble

Request of author: please do not buy this book from Amazon.


Realms of  Whitehawk

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