Realms of Whitehawk

H.G. Potter

Masters Greek & Latin WSU,

Masters of Divinity

Ordained 2009

Golden Marble
Golden Marble

The Fall of Nystol
and Other Tales


Nine Ammouric Kingdoms stretched across the continent of Whitehawk as well as 17 regions and principalities, including the old Regulian Empire. The Empire had been corrupted by the Sorceries of Nystol in the Fourth Age, but was eventually salvaged by Christian missionaries from across the Vastess Sea. The abominations of Sorcery however went underground, and are still a menace. The Ammouric kings have plenty of spelunking work for clerics, crusaders, or any other would-be heroes.


But beware: having been promised a good pint, upright and law-abiding adventurers do sometimes get drawn off course into a smokey tavern like the Sea Hag. Her treasures are infamous. Kept aging many years in barrels of dragonwood, such spirits may quench your thirst, but they will send you off inebriated in a mystical stupor, ready for the bard's tale.


These classic stories recall the world's beginning and end, especially its middle, when all great matters in Whitehawk hinged on a mysterious day that God's authentic Wrath was visited upon Nystol the ancient college of Wizards, and every scroll and every parchment went up in smoke, the mundane together with the magical, and the world was never the same.