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Fully dramatized cerebral horror-mystery and fantasy epic: A beloved freeman, Epinanaus, has written the history of Regulum, lost colony of the ancient Romans.  The people elect him tribune, but one day he upsets the hegemax Bolgud by showing up late for a meeting. Bolgud threatens to punish him, calliing out his moralism and prudish rejection of the palace parties. When Epinanaus talks him down, the humiliated Bolgud sends him on an impossible military expedition into the lands of the Centuars.

      The Centaur army ambushes the outnumbered Roman troops in the Vale of Chymera, as calculated. Epinanaus alone survives. Soon his history of the Regulian Republic becomes famous, but having witnessed the brevity of life, he decides to retire, intending to dwell on the outskirts of the Empire and practice a philosophical life.

       Becoming a Neoplatonic Sage he seeks to contemplate the existence of the All. He establishes a solitary hermitage in the desert: "The Well of Souls."

     A traveler arrives one night seeking shelter. Against his better judgment Epinanaus lets him in. The unexpected guest, having traveled the continent, speaks of mysteries, of great deeds, bizarre cults, terrifying creatures, and political intrigue. He wishes to convince Epinanaus of an ancient conspiracy still at work. It would take Faith for Epinanaus to believe the secret history. If he cannot, as it seems, the cults and forces of darkness will enslave all.

     The guest is Hepthe, a Christian hunted by the powers of Hell for his sins, and a insurrectionist. With a plan to convert his host from Rationalism to Faith, and to the righteous revolution, he seeks Epinanaus' help to overthrow the Emperor Bolgud. But it cannot be done without trust in a subversive organization: "The Mad and Scared Dogs" whose dealings are quite shady. Hepthe adds that Epinanaus must give his life to restore the old Republic.

    Hepthe tells why this sacrifice should be made and why only Epinanaus can do it. To show him, he prays for prophecy and communicates with the angels...foreseeing the sinister plans of the Emperor Bolgud and his loyal wizard Zuphagen...

The prophecy reveals something unexpected. If Epinanaus will not be the hero, then God has another chosen one: The Emperor himself. For the mind and heart of that man will change when he meets the love of his life...

H.G. Potter

Masters Greek & Latin WSU,

Masters of Divinity

Ordained 2009

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H.G. Potter was a classics teacher and now serves as traditional Catholic priest in good standing in the U.S. His writings draw from the rich history of the Church from ancient and medieval times.

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